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Why you should have a YouTube channel in 2021?

Do you remember the last video you watched on YouTube? When was it? Did you watch it this month, or maybe this week? Maybe you watched it just yesterday or this morning.

It is not only you who uses YouTube to extend your know how on a specific area, or get entertained. It is no news that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google with 1.9 billion monthly active users and second largest social platform behind Facebook. 90% of users discover new products or services on YouTube. In addition to all, Youtube owns a third of mobile traffic as people watch YouTube videos every day!

On the other hand, people prefer to watch videos to reading. The main reason is that, videos are more powerful in terms of storytelling. Also, people find it more convenient to watch videos because it is time efficient, you can get a lot of information in a short period of time. Human brain likes visual things, and video is a very strong tool in terms of visual storytelling.

All these show that YouTube is a great place for your brand to reach your target audience. If you want to create some brand awareness or popularize your product, or trying to reach new markets, video content is the most effective way. You can deliver your message via YouTube no matter what your marketing goal is. You can create awareness for your brand or product, gain interest of your target audience, engagement, build desire for what you offer and you can convince people to purchase your offer.

If you don't have a brand YouTube channel, you should definitely consider starting one in 2021. Start to reach and engage with your target audience via videos. If you don't know where to start, Get Found Lab is here to help, get in touch now.

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