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Why old school marketing won’t work in 2021

Data-driven marketing, AI in marketing, mobile-first, video for performance, digital marketing, blah blah blah… How many times have you heard those trends and “Future is digital, get ready for the future!” discourse?

Here is another question, how much did you take these seriously and applied in your marketing strategy? If not much, I am sorry for your dear marketer because it is not the future that is digital, it is today! If you haven’t gotten ready for today yet, you better stop doing everything and start to digitalize your marketing strategy.

Let’s look at the picture with some numbers:

- 44% of e-commerce is expected to come from mobile in 2024 (Business Insider, 2021), which means half of the online sales will be completed from our pockets.

- There are 2 billion YouTube users worldwide (Oberlo, 2020) which means you can reach 25% of all people in the world only via YouTube.

- 59% of shoppers surveyed say that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from. (Think with Google, 2019).

These are just a couple of highlights from a transformational change but there is a lot more. Marketing and the digital industry already got married, and it is up to you if you still will stick your heads in the sand and hope that educated guesses and the same old methods will still work.

You may be thinking, “Ok, but where should I start the transformation from?” stay tuned, we have more to share!

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